Unbelievable History of Santa Claus and Christmas Eve

A figure that is quite popular across the world for bringing gifts to children on Christmas eve. This tradition has started to gain traction since the mainstreaming of Saint Nicholas in 4th Century, which later started to become popular in New York – then New Amsterdam – where Dutch are given credit in transferring the legend of Sinterklaas to the United States. Whereas, the contemporary manifestation of Santa Clause has found its origin back to a cartoonist Thomas Nast, who had drawn images of present-day Santa Clause in 1863, which offered close resemblance to the illustration given by Haddon Sundblom in the depiction of Santa Nicholas’s poem published in 1823.

Christmas Eve

Santa Claus is often told to have lived somewhere near the north pole. Where he used to manufacture the toys, started to deliver on Christmas eve to the homes of children drawn by many of his reindeer’s after receiving the request by the children who were seeking Christmas gifts. It is said that he used to crawl into homes of children through chimneys and leave the gifts before departing. This is how even today father Christmas is believed to play a role for children on Christmas eve, where many children across Europe and the United States are aspirants to be given gifts by Santa Clause.

Christmas Eve

This is why excitement rises among the children as the eve of Christmas is getting near, and so do their idealisation of how Santa Clause would have started to make its list before setting off on his World long tour in his effort to deliver precious presents to children and this has to happen super-fast with lightning speed, which makes children anxiously awaiting and excited about the generosity of Santa and capability of his magnificent trustworthy reindeer.

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