Top Christmas Eve Traditions That You Really Must Be Know

Christmas Eve Traditions can vary from area to area and country to country. Generally, it includes exchanging parties, Christmas Eve Traditions carolling, making Christmas candies, decorating trees, putting up the light display, drawing Christmas cards, sharing food and giving gifts to homeless and needy.

Christmas Tree

Placing and decorating the Christmas tree or the angel tree on Christmas day is the most common tradition all over the world. You can buy it from any departmental store. People place the tree at their doors and inside the home on the day of Christmas. It is believed that it brings everlasting happiness and good crops for the coming year. Different myths are associated with various trees.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Egyptian linked palm tree with the god Baal Tamar and Roman associated the fir tree with Adonis. Similarly, Germanic tribes worshipped the oak tree and decorated it for the winter solstice. Later St. Boniface cut down the oak tree which was a symbol of a particular tribe and the evergreen fir tree grew there. It was considered a symbol of Christianity and newly converted German started to decorate it for Christmas.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Santa Claus and the Gift Tradition

Saint Nicholas fro 4-century was famous for giving gifts to children. In Holland, his feast day (December 6) became a children’s holiday where he called Sint Nikolaas whereas English colonist in New York called Santa Claus and started celebrating the feast day on Christmas. In Germany and Netherlands Santa Claus often rode on a horse from the sky to give presents to children and an elf whipped naughty children and three wise men gave presents to Jesus and that how the Christmas gift tradition started.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Candy Canes

It is believed that confectioners made J shaped candies to represent Jesus of shepherd staff. The candy was white coloured with red stripes on it. The white colour represents purity and red stripes symbolise the blood whereas the peppermint is similar to middle eastern mint mentioned in the Bible.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Cards

The tradition of Christmas Cards has been started in Victorian England. Previously writing a letter for Christmas wishes was a common practice but it was a daunting task to write a letter to everyone. For the convenience of people and to share greetings with many other the tradition of making Christmas greeting cards was introduced.

Christmas Eve Traditions


Holly is one of the most popular Christmas accoutrements which has sharp edges and signifies crown of thorn worn by Jesus at the time of the crucifixion. The red berries on it symbolise blood.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Donate Food and Gifts for Needy

Christmas Eve Traditions

Sharing and donating foods to food banks and gifts to orphanages, homeless shelters and other charity homes, is a common tradition of Christmas day.

Make Christmas Candies

Christmas Eve Traditions

Making cooking and sweets is another famous Christmas tradition. You can bake cookies at home and cut them into Christmas shapes such as gingerbread men, stars, snowmen and candy canes. People also make yule logs, apple pies and fruit cakes.

Make the kids Visit Santa Claus, they will love it! You can also watch Christmas movies on Christmas day and visit concerts or can go to watch Christmas plays.

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