Father’s Day Wishes, Quotes and Messages With HD Images

Father’s Day is a day dedicated to fathers to celebrate the love, devotion & kindness of father. Here you can select the Happy Fathers Day Wishes and Quotes.It is tribute given to fathers all over the world to remind them, that Father is always invaluable for his kids.

Fathers Day Wishes

The first time Father’s day was witnessed in Washington in the year 1910.  It was started by a girl named Sonora Smart Dodd, Who was raised by single parent i-e by his father. For her dad’s effort, she decided to designate a day for her father to payback him.

Happy Father’s Day Wishes With HQ Images

Who wants Superhero, when he has super Daddy like you. Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day

Some People don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my dad Yet! Happy Father’s day to My super Dad!

Fathers Day

To the World, You’re Dad, To Me You’re the World! Happy Father’s Day.

fathers day wishes from daughter

Happy Father’s Day Dad! You’re reason behind my every success. Your faith in Me matters A lot. I love you!

happy fathers day husband

I love my father more than oceans love the reflection of the sky
in them.My father’s love for me has broken the oceans to raise me into the Girl that I am! Happy Father’s Day !

happy fathers day greetings

Loving your daughter means to raised her like strong and Worthy Princess who never waits for Prince to save her. Thank you Dad for raising me like princess. Happy Father’s Day.

happy fathers day to all dads

My father never pampered me like a princess; He even used to scold me on wrong things. But yet he managed to raise a strong daughter. Happy father’s Day!

happy fathers day wishes quotes

The best thing for me is to enjoy being called the son of my Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

message for father

My dad is multi tasking, a great story teller, a super singer, motivational speaker, and above all fantastic dad !! Happy Father’s Day!

happy fathers day brother

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