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A wonderful Xmas Christmas is unimaginable without a Christmas tree but have you ever thought what is a history behind this Christmas tree? How did the Christmas tree become a part of the Christmas festive? Here we will share some of the astonishing facts and a brief history about Christmas tree and you will know what does a Christmas tree signify?

The tradition of the Christmas tree is traced back to the late middle ages before the advent of Christianity, Germans and Scandinavians decorated evergreen trees for the homes and outdoors. Decorating evergreen trees for solstice festive was the symbolism and hope of evergreen and happy forthcoming spring. Later Queen Victoria adorned fir trees in her influential monarch which gave the tradition a glorious and exalted look.

Early History of Xmas Tree

The origin of the Christmas tree linked back to the Solstice festive in winter at 21 or 22 December to welcome a happy new year. In Late middle ages Egyptians, North Europeans, Vikings and ancient Romans celebrated Winter Solstice and decorated palms, evergreen boughs and plants of bladers to signify everlasting and peaceful life. Romans celebrated a week (17 – 25 December) of the winter solstice with a feast known as Saturnalia. The week was considered the week of kindness and lawlessness due to the freedom of every crime and wrongdoing in these days.Subsequently, after the birth of Jesus and early days of Christian Romans in power, it
was transformed to Christ birth festive.In the late middle ages, most of the plays were performed in the open air. To follow this tradition a play about Adam and Eve was presented as the Garden of Eden signified by paradise tree with hanging fruit. The clergy banned the practice by considering it as heathenry whereas some of the spectators collected the branches
of the trees and brought them to their homes.

The “paradise tree” had wooden pyramids attached to it consisted of branches held by a rope. The families started to lighten up candles for their family member and decorated them which is the precursor of decorating Christmas trees with ornaments and lights. Martin Luther is considered to be the first one to light a candle at the top of the fir tree to share the beauty similar to Starlight with his family.Back in 1605, Strasbourg inhabitants set up the fir trees for Christmas and decorated it with pears, apples and various sweets. In 1864, Queen Victoria and her German husband glorified the tradition of adorning the Christmas tree by practicing the custom. The custom was brought into Britain by Germans and was happily welcomed
and adopted by them after Queen Victoria powerful reign.

Afterward, in the 19th century, the custom of the Christmas tree was brought in America by artists and authors who sketched a picture of middle-class family, exchanging gifts as Christmas customs and for the scenic moment the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” played a role. The tradition was then practiced by certain influential and emerging impact of West made the Christmas tree ubiquitous after a long time.
Whether it’s for humble history or for the meaning of evergreen tree, Christmas is the name of hope, happiness, peace and love for everyone, and adorning the Christmas tree is the way of expressing these feelings. So, go ahead and decorate your Christmas tree! May this year the beauty of the Christmas tree, glorify your life and give you everlasting happiness. Merry Christmas!

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    The “paradise tree” had wooden pyramids attached to it consisted of branches held by a rope

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