Basic Facts About Secret Santa and Presents Exchange Rules

Nearer the time for Christmas gets, the more enthusiasm and excitement rolls around, with various questions and surprises about Santa Claus, Secret Santa and Christmas eve occupy the minds of people from kids to elders and the thrill about the eve gets to rise with every passing day.

In the same vein, among many, one of the most important thing rotating in the minds is about Secret Santa. Where many decide the roles of members in the multiple grounds where everyone assigned with whom to give the present on its behalf and where the exchange of secret names of assigned persons is coined and decided.

To make this all activity into play needs not only names of people but often their traits and interests are recorded as well, leading to better selection of presents in conformity with individual liking that could enable one to have the best suit of present for someone. This often involves names of those who are unknown to an assigned member of the group or at the individual level.

At the group level, to make this activity simple and free of confusions, the collected names, nominated to be given presents at Christmas eve, are written on paper, which is folded to prevent from seen without unfolding, and subjected to shuffled and mixed in the hat before allocating to respective members of the group.

All members are given the opportunity to pick the paper having someone’s name with their own choice. This resolved the clash about who is to assign whom among the members of the group. What next come to the pipeline is the specification of price limit to prevent it from being too low and, at the same time, overpriced as well that goes beyond the limit of one’s affordability

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