The Story Behind the Twelve Days of Christmas Explained

Behind every carol, there exists a story, a background, and sequel of events, and so is with the case of widely celebrated twelve days of Christmas. Known to the fact that thrill and excitement associated with the event of Christmas start long before the event itself, but official commencement of the Christmas takes place on 25th of December every year that goes up till next twelve days of the month, often encapsulated in the renowned twelve days of Christmas Carol.

Unfolding ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ Story

The famous twelve days’ carol unfolds into the Epiphany that begins with the birth of Christ that took place on the 25th of December and till the coming of famously known as three wise men, usually named as ‘Magi’. Whereas, term ‘advent’ is associated with the last four Sundays preceding Christmas.

12 Days are Feast Days Really?

Where, for many, the following twelve days of Christmas goes as a usual business, but for some it holds a different dimension that holds the belief that in Christian theology, saints are believed to observe feast in the following twelve days of Christmas and so are the activities of latter group of people goes the way.

Gifts and their role in lyrics of Songs

In the wake of the twelve days’ carol, there is much that follows. Where receiving the gifts from true love during the twelve days of Christmas by ‘True Love’ becomes the subject to brag about by the singers in the lyrics, that are often presented in the road trips and group gatherings.

While the lyrics of ’12 days of Christmas’ has seen the change in its discourse over the time, most recent one among them to begin the Christmas day with is: ‘On the first days of Christmas’, ‘My true love sent to me’, ‘A partridge in the tree’.

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