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Christmas is knocking at the door and you may have a lot of plans for this amazing festival. Watching Best Christmas Movies with your family is my personal favourite activity to do with my family on this beautiful occasion. In this article, we are sharing an updated list of the best movies to watch at this Christmas.

The Night Before (2015)

The night before is one of the best movies to watch at the Christmas festival. The story of the movie revolves around three childhood buddies, reunite at the Christmas Eve for celebrations and this is amazing to watch how they make the event interesting and memorable. The movie is full of situation comedy, emotions and drama. Try watching this movie at this Christmas and share your reviews!

A Christmas Carol (2018)

I have kids at home and they love watching Christmas movies and the same goes for me. If you have kids at your home then a Christmas Carol will be the best option to watch at Christmas. It’s a completely different movie from regular Christmas tales, is the Scottish makeover of timeless Dickens tale. The movie genre is horror-fantasy explores the transformation of Scrooge.


Carol (2015)

Carol is the spectacular novel based movie with an exquisite storyline and cinematography. If you love to watch emotional and sentimental movies then this would be your best choice to watch at this Christmas. This is the tale of an aspiring photographer who develops an intimate relationship with old women and shares the most breathtaking moments of life with each other.

Best Christmas Movies

A Christmas Star (2017)

A Christmas star is a fantasy movie, it’s a story about a girl named Noelle. She believes that she is gifted to perform miracles and the story is about how she saves her village from a big threat. This is a sweet fantasy tale for kids and a great family movie to watch at Christmas.

Best Christmas Movies

Switched For Christmas (2017)

If you love Hallmark movies, then this is the Christmas movie I opted for you. Switched for Christmas is the tale about two twin sisters who reunite for Pre-Christmas lunch and decide to switch their places. By doing so, both of them discovers the value and the true meaning of life and gain a deeper view and appreciation for each other. The genre of the movie is romance and drama. I suggest you also take a look at other Hallmark Christmas movies for lighter and sweeter Christmas.

Best Christmas Movies

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles is at the top of our best Christmas movie list. The movie genre is fantasy, adventure, family and comedy. It is the story about siblings who plan to catch the Santa in the picture at Christmas Eve and how the plan turns into an unexpected adventure.


Black Christmas and Last Christmas are some of our recommendations for upcoming Christmas new releases to watch this year.
The movies listed above are completely our personal choice and recommendations, you can share your favorite Christmas movies with us and make suggestions. We would love to listen. Last but not least, enjoy a very happy and a blissful Christmas with your family and friends. Happy New Year!

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